➼ Includes general artwork + commissions , OK / NG TO DRAW
- If I have created artwork for you, it is only for personal-use ; refer to this

- If you are interested in using the artwork I have created for you for commercial-use, please contact me. There will be extra one-time fee, this can vary on a case to case basis.

- Do not repost or use my artwork without permission, do not claim it as your own.

- Payment is asked for once sketch is approved and will be accepted through paypal invoice within 24 hours. If you decide to cancel your commission during this time, you may not use that art in any way.
♦ If you require an extenstion for payment, please let me know within 48 hours or request will be automatically cancelled.

- I have the right to decline any commission request either for reasons I am uncomfortable or feel that I can not fulfill it.

- There are no refunds , unless I have exceeded the time I offered (1-3 months) or if I cancel this. ( Please note that if work has been done you will be recieving partial refunds. )

- If you have a deadline, please let me know so we can discuss. Extra rush fees may apply.

- You may cancel your commission at anytime if the sketch has not been shown or if paypal has not been asked for.

- You are not allowed to use my art in relation to any form of blockchain-related technology, NFTS, or crypocurrency for any reason

- Please do not repost my artwork unless, it was drawn for you.

- By commissioning me, you automatically agree to these terms of service.
last updated 1/1/2022