< 27 - he/him >

Ex-detective who was originally SABAKA's partner prior to REOL. He fell victim to "judgement" during an investigation, where he was deemed "insane" and "unstable". Since then, he has rebelled against all the rules set by the government and aims to spread this virus to the population to take down this dystopia.

♦ REOL ♦
< 24 - they/any >

self-proclaimed ESPer, surprisingly is 100% correct with predictions. loves to consume weird-flavored drinks and chocolate-flavored food, says it is the source of energy. Working alongside Sabaka, but has had contact with ███████. They have been influenced by his rapidly-spreading internet virus

< 29 - she/they >

Works with REOL in order to catch the target, NEUTRAL. She has lots of experience and has taken REOL as her new partner for this case. Usually very strict and mean, she tries to keep a tough personality but still sensible. Doesn't trust technology due to a new virus going around and altering data, especially after NEUTRAL's presence.

last updated 05/06/2022